Elope in Switzerland

Congratulations on your decision to come to Switzerland for your Elopement.

When contemplating what you wish to include for your day, continue viewing this page for inspirational images and note the information to assist to choose what you wish to include for your elopement celebration.

What do you need to consider for creating your personal elopement in Switzerland?

  1. What time of the year do you want? Snow under your feet ? Green grass with fresh wild flowers? The possibility to incorporate skiing or snowboarding into your elopement? Not too hot or too cold?
  2. Do you wish to have just a ceremony with photos and video coverage OR do you wish a full day of events and services?
  3. How do you wish to get around ? helicopter flight, private boat, horse & carriage, luxury or antique car, include a paraglide or hang gliding flight? put n hiking boots and off we go?
  4. What style accommodation should you choose and duration of stay? we recommend to stay at least two days at the same location to ensure time for changes if necessary, pre wedding session, hair and make up trial
  5. Can we arrange a simple rustic lower cost solution? YES
  6. Can we arrange a private luxury gala for two ? YES
  7. Do you wish to change outfits during your day ?
  8. Consider how much you wish to invest for your elopement
  9. Why choose Swiss Wedding company? We are local to where we offer and as your professional photographer, officiant and in house planner: We save your money by not needing exterior staff for the main services you will need. We have 20 years experience and have covered over 900 events. We are passionate of what we have created to do for our life work.

Is an elopement for just the bride and groom?

There are no official rules to define an elopement. For Swiss Wedding company, we offer two definitions.

An elopement is concentrated on two people: The Bride & Groom. A Switzerland Elopement for just to two of you can be as simple as having a only our photographer join you for the day, showing you around several breathtaking locations to capture everlasting images and along the way you share your own personal vows. OR a more formal & traditional occasion with the main focus on having a civil binding marriage and or a symbolic ceremony. All elopements include OUR photographer who is also your planner to create a time line, locations, and handle your payments. You choose what other services you to make this your perfect day which may include: an officiant to lead the ceremony, hair & make up services , flower bouquet & perhaps decoration, recorded or live music, transportation and videography. Additionally adding a lunch, private dinner may be incorporated into your day.

An elopement with up to 10 guests: If you wish to include a few guests, this is possible for concentration on the elements around the ceremony. If you wish to have seating for guests and extended services including a reception, this is considered a wedding request.

How to start planning your elopement

For your destination Switzerland Elopement, take a look at our many websites: Switzerland Wedding Company and Alpin photo and Swiss Helicopter wedding for inspiration. Discuss and picture your day together. Do you wish to start with a hike, change on site? Do you wish to travel via train, cable car, helicopter, luxury car to the location? Do you wish to focus on just a ceremony or a full day starting with preparations and ending after a private dinner ? Do you prefer to visit a few locations or extend this over a course of a two days to create a portfolio highlighting your Switzerland experience? Do you wish simple lower cost nature solutions or a luxury elopement incorporating many elements with 5 star amenities? Lets set up a call together to discuss your ideas and assist to orientate you. We have easy sign up foundations or create a custom elopement for you.

QUESTION? What is the difference of a civil and symbolic wedding in Switzerland?

WHAT IS A CIVIL CEREMONY IN SWITZERLAND ? : In Switzerland, if you wish to obtain a binding legal marriage license, we will set up a civil marriage ceremony with our partner local government authorities and assist with setting up and guiding your through the process. You will need to collect necessary documents such as: birth certificate, divorce decree, marital status which must be notarized and bring them to the Swiss Consulate in your country for process.


A symbolic ceremony does not have boundaries of definition. This is as individual as you are as a couple. Symbolic simply means not binding to the law to gain a legal marriage status. We offer symbolic ceremonies where we take you on location in the Swiss nature with snow capped glacier backdrops, green field with wild flowers, lakeside castle or beach ceremony. We stay flexible for elopements to create for you from your vision. Hiking elopements: This can be from a short flat walk to a more private location to a full day exploration with hiking boots capturing images throughout our experience together. Include an officiant or not. Formal set up with flowered arch or just the natural scenery as backdrop. String trio, classical guitar or singer to accompany with sound. Simple snacks or served epicurean meals. Budget of a youth hostel to Luxury event with 5 star service. The common thread is: We are local to the Jungfrau and know surrounding regions.

Castle Elopements

Schloss Schadau, Schloss Oberhofen & Schloss Spiez Elopements

We partner with three Authentic Lakeside Castles around the lake of Thun. Authentic castles of Switzerland located on the Lakeside with Snow capped Glaciers as backdrop. You can host just your ceremony at the castle or extend to a private dinner. Photography opportunities are fantastic.

Do you wish to have a Winter Elopement?

We love the Switzerland Winters. We ski, snowboard, Snow shoe and love playing in the snow! Come join us. We will play in the snow and have a fantastic time for your elopement, proposal, wedding or photo session.


Elope in the Swiss Alps and Lakesides of Switzerland

We can reach several locations in one day. The secret is knowing the areas as our backyard. Also we know the owners of lands so if there is a fee for usage and preparations. All your needs are with US, no exterior lists and research on your own. Do you have a favorite photo and wish your own elopement there or heard of a location you wish us to guide you to?

Luxury Elopement

We will happily arrange your Civil Legal binding Marriage in Switzerland

Is Photography the most important aspect of your elopement?

Hire us for a full day and we will create fun night images together.

Same Sex Elopements, where there is love, we are here for you.

Nature elopement in the Swiss Alps

Mountain Elopement in Switzerland with hiking possibilities

CLIENT REVIEW: Cindy and Pascal made sure we had the elopement wedding in the mountains we have always wanted! Unfortunately due to the current situation, we had to postpone our original wedding so we decided to take a chance and elope to Switzerland just my husband and I, which is when we contacted Cindy. She was just great all the way through and had great ideas to match our wishes. It was very clear that she had a very good insight in where to go in the mountains to get what we wanted. We COULD NOT have asked for a better wedding elopement. Cindy found the perfect private spot for the ceremony and Pascal had written such an amazing ceremony speech based on notes we gave him.

Followed by a very fun photo session and we have received the most amazing pictures from the day! Cindy is such a great photographer and was constantly running back and forth to get pictures from every angle. Something that we actually didn’t realize the day of but it was clear when we looked through our pictures!

Overall a great experience and we would definitely recommend booking Cindy and Pascal to everyone else! 

 Mia Maja & Soren

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