Pre Wedding Photography Switzerland

It is a wild trend !!!!!!

Traditional Weddings as we know them are slowly out of style.

THE NEW !!!! travel to a destination…….OUT OF YOUR COUNTRY. …. for Pre wedding photos and what fun!  The flexibility we have to go wherever you wish, whatever time you want. Stop……..change colors, find new props.

Now you can have your photos to show during your ” wedding reception” back home.

pre wedding Switzerland photography

 Photos on Location

 Interlaken Pre wedding Packages

We understand that you are visiting Switzerland as a  tourist and wish to visit as much as possible during your stay .

How long do you wish to take for your photo session ?  Remember as we are local, we do not waste time finding amazing locations. Your images can be diversified with backgrounds of the Swiss Snow capped Swiss  Jungfrau mountains, Pristine lake of Thun or Brienz and the beautiful architecture of our town Interlaken.

We offer  1 to 8 hours  or two day adventure day.

We can take you to Glaciers , Lakeside castles, Green flowered fields,  Photos taken while being transported on one of our beautiful ships or private boat,  Night Time Architecture,  Bubbling beautiful mountain streams, the possibilities are endless !  Switzerland offers beautiful architecture and natural surroundings.

switzerland pre wedding

Location, Location, Location ! Where do you wish to go for your photos ? We recommend to trust us to create a beautiful day of adventure together.   Favorite places our clients LOVE:

Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Muerren : LOCAL EXPERTS

Elope photography Switzerland


Say ” I LOVE YOU ” with images !

What do you receive? We take all photos with RAW format for professional results, Thereafter we return home to process them to JPEG, put them through light room and transfer them to USB stick. They are LARGE files and you have the possibilty to order and album with GRAPHISTUDIO  .  or you have the control of your own images to print your own.

Because we know the area, we escort you for the day not only to capture amazing photos, but combine the fact that you are also a tourist and wish to see places you would never access on your own.

Favorite  Cities for Photographs in Switzerland:  Lucerne, Bern, Thun, Montreaux, Spiez

Wedding Locations for Pre wedding

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