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Planning your destination wedding yourself means Y O U or someone from your family or friends will have to spend countless hours from the planning to the execution of your celebration.

They will “Google” services and book details and think that’s about it.. they  have it all together, priced and reserved for your big day. . . . Hmmm . . . really?

Let`s take a look at what your guests, and Bride & Groom should do on a successful wedding day.

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Number one “over looked Job” on a self planned wedding day is the role of the Guest of Honor . Believe me, this is a long day!! Keep your energy for pampering yourself and LOVIN`each other! Oh, and did you get a restful night sleep last night?


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The Jobs of the Wedding party

Let`s look for the bride.

As a DIY bride you are not going to take “off from responsibility”. Watch on wrist, checking, and premeditating what is coming next will be on your list. I know because I did everything for my own wedding and honestly, looking back 20 years, I would have “loved” if I would have let myself be ” pampered for a day”.


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Take your roll and allow yourself to be Pampered!

Go ahead and get your hair styled and make up prepared professionally. Have your local professional come to your Hotel room while you enjoy time with ” the ladies”. Relax, this is once in a life time!

Maid of Honor!

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A best friend is titled maid of honor if she is unmarried, or the matron of honor if she is married.

In modern times, a bridesmaid is typically asked to play a role in planning wedding-related events.  Make sure she knows your venue location personally and has time to meet with the caterer, florist, musicians, etc. well before your wedding takes place. Does she know your ” destination Wedding in Switzerland” well enough to take responsibility for this position? At a professional planned wedding, she has time to laugh and help manage your own nervousness by being there as your ” best friend”.


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Mother of the bride tends to get emotional on her daughters wedding day. Their unconditional love is especially reliable on this once in a life time occasion. Mother is there to set everything up for her ” jewel “. HINT to brides out there: Your mother should NOT work on your wedding day.

After a year of planning her daughters wedding together, these are the thoughts of Eliana

Our daughter Stephanie wished to get married in Switzerland, where we’re originally from. We moved to Canada in 1994. To organize and plan a wedding from this far, caused a few problems. Time difference, trust issues towards vendors, we just wanted everything to be perfect. Stephanie did some research on the internet and came across Switzerland Wedding Company. From that point on, I became the CEO of this whole adventure and I loved it from A – Z. The wedding was then 18 month in the planning and organizing. But without Cindy and Pascal it would not have been possible. They even ordered blue sky and sunshine, for both days, but before and after it was raining. Admitting, at times I have not been the most easiest customer to deal with, but what can I say. At the end it was all worth it and more. You organized the civil ceremony in Interlaken, which was very beautiful. The horse and carriage ride for the couple back to Wilderswil, where you organized a delicious, gourmet dinner at the Hotel Jungfrau. . Before we had an initial meeting at the venue, walking up to the Hotel, the two love birds kept saying “this is a fairy-tale come true and so much more, feeling like royalty”. This phrase I kept hearing more than once the next day – the big I DO – at the Grandhotel Giessbach. The reception was held at the Grandhotel Giessbach as well. The Aperitif on the Terrasse, the Gourmet Dinner, the Dessert buffet and the Wedding Cake. It was extraordinary, beautiful and very, very romantic. Everything was just perfect. Everything the couple wished for was there – the Alphorn player, the doves, every little detail was looked after. Even the helicopter ride happened, the weather cooperated just long enough. The photography, very professional. I don’t think we could have asked for more. Everything was under control by Cindy and Pascal. We all can honestly say, they know their business and you did an awesome, super great job. Thank you very, very much for all you have done for us and especially for Stephanie and Jimmy, and for putting up with me. Thank you Cindy for your patience. We will always remember these two beautiful awesome days and I believe we even found two great friends in you both. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you again for everything. The parents Eliana & Walter and the happy couple Stephanie and Jimmy

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And a note back to you Eliana. Thank you! I feel over the course of a year that I have found a friend in you. Thank you for your complete trust and belief that  Switzerland Wedding Company would be the right wedding planner to make your daughters Dream Come True! And , what a wonderful time we had. From Lukas assisting on the civil day with reflectors to Sarah holding the flashes off camera. Pascal officiating your symbolic blessing, and Cindy primarily your planner, hostess and both of us as your photographers. You see we are now many families connected. Our family was welcomed to yours. Warm wishes to you all. Cindy, Pascal, Lukas and Sarah.

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Well, the groom is always happy to show up to an already smoothly planned wedding, You do not hear much input from the ” gent ” …..they are quick to get ready and low maintenance, good sports but last minute to write their vows and end the party in the wee hours of the night with a big smile on their face! Grooms, We love you!!

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Of course as the bride you will always be ” daddies little girl” . Dads are so much fun, they cry when they give ” her away” . They toast champagne and thank all your guests for attending the wedding. And most of all….. they are ALWAYS DAD! Best of the best.

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Best man!

The best man has one of the easiest jobs. He simply needs to have fun. If he is drinking, the groom is drinking, If he is nervous waiting for the bride, So is the groom. His only job is to prepare a speech and see that he woke up in time to get ready for the wedding day.

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Ah, yes, family, friends, loved ones all coming together to join you to witness your symbolic wedding blessing then a nip of champagne at the aperitif and the night starts in the right mood. Some guests go to far lengths to shake the party with unique entertainment!  This is a destination Switzerland Wedding blast!

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