Switzerland Wedding Blog

Switzerland Wedding Blog

Welcome to Swissweddingcompany.

We are creating the first real wedding blog about getting married in Switzerland.

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No matter what technology we come up with, no matter how many new  i phones models and outdated video games come and go, People will always get married. Some never intend to marry for ” life long” , while other couples find their true soul mate and know ” this is the one forever” Marriage is here to stay.

The good thing about technology is our world becomes more accessible and knowledge more available and locations far and wide more possible.

What is a Wedding blog about?

Hong Kong Wedding Switzerland

Weddings represent the rest of your life together. HAVE FUN!! Celebrate !!

A like ? face book chat? sharing a specific couples experience on line?

Maybe a bit of everything.

There are so many wedding blog platforms: The knotty bride, Style me Pretty, Green Wedding shoes, Rock n`Roll Bride, Bridal Snob, One Wed, Wedding Chicks, Rustic Wedding chic, Grooms advice, Martha Stewart Wedding, The Broke-Ass Bride. and the list goes on and on.

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Each wedding blog platform chooses a title to help the Bride and Groom Categorize themselves into a theme of Budget, Character, Style and Status.

Welcome to the Future of Weddings.

Pascal & Cindy at Switzerland Wedding company have a very diverse clientele. Our common thread is The Jungfrau region. Funny enough

Jungfrau means: VIRGIN. so isn’t  that appropriate.

Our clients span the globe.

Mostly English speaking as a first or second language, however Pascal speaks fluent French, Swiss German, and German.

Brides & Grooms from Hong Kong, China, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, and Europe flock to Switzerland to say ” I DO “.

Rich VIP`s, we vow to secrecy to NEVER tell anyone ” THEY ” got married here. Years later I can still Wikipedia them and see their secret is safe.

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Bride and Grooms come in all backgrounds of race &  culture.

Some brides expect to change dress three times with three different locations to race to in one day while others spend choose to ” lay back” and Chill for their wedding day.

No matter what your reason for marriage, no matter what your budget. You have the right to marry the one you wish to with mutual agreement of course . Pascal and Cindy are dedicated to help you make that happen.

Enjoy reading all the millions of ” wedding blogs” they`re very entertaining and diverse in content and presentation.

Never stop DREAMING! Enjoy our generation, It is going to be a wild adventure!

Switzerland Wedding blog